What you will learn with this eBook

  • Plugin structure and basics

    You will learn the basics of creating a plugin, including Wordpress Actions, Hooks and Filters, how to use options correctly, how to add styles and the most effective way to structure your plugin files.

  • Ajax

    All the forms created in the administrator menus or as part of shortcodes are use Ajax. The book will show you how to include and use Ajax and Javascript in your plugins.

  • Administrator Menus

    A large portion of the book is dedicated to understanding the administrator menus. How to create both sub-level and top-level menus with sub pages is discussed in detail.

  • Shortcodes

    Shortcodes are a central part of adding your own functionality. The book will show you how to create shortcodes with attributes and how to correctly handle user input.

  • Database

    Learn how to create database tables correctly with sample code for inserting, updating and deleting custom records as well as retrieving values throughout the code.

  • Plugin sales

    Learn how to get your plugin ready for maximum sales, as well as the best ways of selling online and getting your plugin in front of as many potential buyers as possible.

technically excellent , both informative and interesting , written clearly with an obvious knowledge of subject matter , easy to understand and will be something that makes me want to read more from this author.
Jen Lines
Jen Lines
Amazon Reviewer
A great introduction to creating Wordpress plugins.
Buddy Chell
Buddy Chell
Software Engineer
A must read for anyone who wants to start working with Wordpress
Erin Reidy
Erin Reidy
Web Developer

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About the Author

Jamie Osborne is a software industry veteran with over 14 years' professional experience in a wide variety of roles. He is also a successful entrepreneur and founder of several diverse businesses. A British ex-pat now living in America, he enjoys the challenge of writing and teaching others. Jamie regularly creates software for mammothology.com and can be found blogging occasionally at jamieos.com

Creating and Selling Wordpress Plugins
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